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Slovak version

Competition goal:

Design of functional and aesthetically pleasing toy (not brain teaser), by which you can demonstrate or get to know one of the phenomenon or principles of nature.

Conditions of competition:

  1. By 31. 12. 2024 deliver application to address of competition organizer in written or electronic form, in an appropriate form (prototype, model, sketch, drawing, photo, video).
  2. Prizes:
    1. valued at € 300
    2. valued at € 200
    3. valued at € 100
  3. A written or electronic application to the competition in Slovak or English must include details (sample application form at www.vedeckahracka.sk):
    1. The creator or applicant: name, year of birth of the creator, address (telephone, e-mail)
    2. Scientific toy: name, related natural law or phenomenon, instructions for use, description.
  4. Organizer
    1. does not cover the expenses;
    2. after evaluation will return application to sender if the sender wishes so;
    3. could connect the application evaluation of several following annual competitions.
  5. Received applications will be displayed on 15. 2. 2025 www.vedeckahracka.sk.
  6. Final order of wining competitors will be known on 31. 3. 2025 by calculating all votes trom applicants and international professional jury.
  7. The results of evaluation will be received by every applicants.